Happy New Year 2019 – Why New Years Resolutions Fails On Every Year


Man is going to take a new year. In the new year, I will change completely. I’ll do gym everyday, pay more attention to fitness, I will study well, I will pay attention to my behavior. Seeing my career will go on new heights. I will improve my relationship with those who have a bad relationship with me. From January 1, I will change everything – I will look like a lot.

Happy New Year 2019 - Why New Years Resolutions Fails On Every Year

There is no shortage of those who think so. Thousands of people think of it in the beginning of the year but forget all the resolutions themselves made in the first week of next year.
Do you know why?  Because the change comes from intentions not from dates.

Why do not change, we tell you – 

Today, Not Tomorrow, Tomorrow
‘s work tomorrow is the biggest enemy of change. Do the work that you want to start now. The more you work, the burden of work will increase.

Do not know what to do! 
There is no shortage of people seeking change. Everyone wants change. But what is the need for a change, this is not a news to anyone. First, decide what to do. Otherwise it will be the case that knowing where to go is not part of the know-how.

Do not believe in yourself,
those who believe in dates do not believe in themselves. Stop believing on the first dates and start believing in yourself. Otherwise, the result is never going to be positive.

Thunderstorms do not rain
People start banging the shadows of change. The change is not promoted but it is brought down in life. Try to bring changes in life.

Do not be quick to make decisions, do
not make any big changes suddenly. It takes time to change. Give yourself time and feel the change. Small changes come only from small changes.

The change is not adopted, do not impose a change
on yourself. Do not take yourself towards such impracticality in the face of change that will be called madness. Suddenly there is no change after reading a book. No magic wand turns round to change. To make changes, strengthen intentions.

Strong intentions for change
We are accustomed to avoiding every work tomorrow. The work that will be avoided on tomorrow is impossible. Do not decide on date of change. The moment you decide to change, you will start seeing changes.

Not on the new year, any changes can be done,
it is not bad to take a new resolution on the happy new year but do not change for the first date. Stay as it is. Change is necessary, but the change that comes naturally Such a change is permanent.

If the dates change, then there will be several dates but there will be no changes. Because the change is not just a date.

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