Happy New Year 2019 – Know About Why New Year’s Day Celebrate On 1 January

new years day 2019

Why New Year’s Day Celebrated On 1 Jan? – New Year is celebrated in different religions in almost all religions of India. New Year is celebrated in Punjab on the day of Baishakhi. Even in West Bengal and Bangladesh, New Year is celebrated around Baisakhi. New year is celebrated on the day of March-April in Gudi Padwa, Maharashtra . The new year in Gujarati is celebrated on the second day of Deepawali. At the same time, the new year is also known as Muharram in the Islamic calendar.

Happy New Year 2019- Know About Why New Year's Day Celebrate On 1 January
New Year, calendar date January 1 for background

in every religion to celebrate the new year in different days and months. But despite all of us, why do we celebrate New year on January 1 ? Here you will find the answer to this question.

Why New Year’s Day Celebrated On 1 Jan?

The calendar, beginning January 1, is known as the Gregorian calendar, which started on 15 October 1582. This calendar was started by the Christians to determine the date of Christmas . Because the 10-month Russian Julian calendar was in circulation before the Gregorian calendar. But because of many mistakes in this calendar, the Christmas date never came in a day. very special among Christmas christians. That day the Lord Jesus was born. Jesus gave his life for the welfare of the people and their sacrifice was celebrated every year as a Christmas.

Happy New Year 2018 - Know About Why New Year's Day Celebrate On 1 January
Red theme Save the date with a Happy New Year, January 1, block calendar.

For this reason, the American physicist Eloiseis Lillies proposed a new calendar. There were several improvements in the Julian calendar of Russia and it was formally adopted on February 24 by the state order. This official order was given by Pope Gregory, so that the name of this calendar was named Gregorian on 15 October 1582.

Today this same Gregorian calendar is famous all over the world and the first day in which it is celebrated, i.e. the new year is celebrated on January 1.

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