Top 10 New Year Resolutions 2019, Best Resolution To Make Your New Year Full Of Joy And Happiness

Top 10 New Year Resolutions 2019

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I will read a book every week: I am a lazy brother. As soon as you reach home from the office, it is so fast that you work from Ram. Lori Vori’s job is not. Start reaching straight into the bed to snoring. This is the ninja chain breaking this year. At least one book has to be dropped.

Top 10 New Year Resolutions 2019

But Yar Zindagi is also a book. Which we all are learning to tirelessly without interrupting. Continuous. And what do we read for the book? To learn something. The greatest lesson then teaches life. So life’s book is fine.


But in those same scriptures, it is also written that do not tempt the mortal body. The soil is made of one day to be found in the soil. Life is found once. Pass it in the lounge. This talk of scriptures is more practical.

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4. Resolutions

But the man kills the arrow in the morning when people kill him. Look at the milk guys. Look at those who insert the paper. The crows rise before landing on the latroring. But his life did not get better due to rising in the morning. If I want to do something big then I have to sleep long enough.

5. Resolutions

Stop Using Facebook : Facebook nonsense made me so timnas Brother You can say timepiece that it is not drunk. There is very dog ​​thing Eyes are kept on the notification all day. Because of this semester stuck. Otherwise, who could stop it from passing. Now this enemy has to uninstall itself from the phone

Top 10 New Year Resolutions 2019

But there is information on the Facebook buzz too. Info around the world How many votes were going on ahead of trump, how would Facebook know? Where is the cricket match in the tehsil. When will the exam start? How to prepare? Everyone shares their plans here. Which party we have to give tickets to is decided by the social media. tell now. Is my personal career essential that the country’s development?

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7. Resolutions

Stop Lend Money: From the first it swears that money transaction is closed. Do not borrow from anyone or give it to someone. But there is no question of giving darshan. My life is running from borrowing itself. If people stop borrowing from the people then the lotus will also be attracted to the likes. No no. This torture with you is not right.

8. Resolutions

But what about taking clean and harmonious life from porn. How will the house of these innocent porn stars work? If someone’s pulse roti is going to ruin our 5 minutes then porn is good.

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