Happy New Year 2019 Wishes For Lover, New Year Wishes For Girlfriend, New Year Wishes For Boyfriend

happy new year my love wishes

New Year Wishes for Lover – Every year is special and many of might have enjoyed this year. any might have tasted success and glory. New year is a special event where celebration has no limits and age is not a boundary. People have a blast on eve of New Year 2019. Just to add to your celebration I would like you to exchange Happy New Year 2019 wishes with your love on Facebook Twitter and WhatsApp. Put up a special whatsapp status and Whatsapp wishes on New Year 2019. Here are best and Latest Updated Happy New Year 2019 love wishes on Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Status Images. Enjoy Happy New Year Wishes for lover with sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social media. Here you can get fantastic collection of new year wishes for girlfriend, new year wishes for boyfriend, New Year Wishes For Lover, new year wishes for wife, new year 2019 wishes for husband and best new year 2019 wishes for lover.

New Year Wishes for Lover

New Year Wishes For Lover

New Year Wishes for My Love

  • You have made me so happy. You did that when you promised to spend the rest of your life with me. Happy New Year.
  • I am so happy to celebrate this New Year with you. I wish nothing but for us to stay closer together.
  • Let us dance and dine. This New Year is more special because it is celebrated with you!
  • Let’s burst into the New Year together! Jump with both feet, holding hands — like we’ve done since I met you. Happy New Year to my exciting partner in crime!
  • This year marks another milestone in our life. I cannot imagine how long we have been enjoying each other’s company. May we stay in love for the rest of our lives! Happy New Year!
  • Happy New Year to my Snuggy-Buggy, Snooky-Wookums, Cuddle-Muffin. I love how we nauseate our friends, don’t you?
  • It is fun to live a life with you. Celebrating New Year is always special because I know that we have another 365 days to be together. I love you and Happy New Year!
  • I always dreamed of kissing the man I love as the New Year rings in. Thank you for making my dreams come true.

happy new year love wishes

Happy New Year 2019 Wishes For Lover

New Year Wishes For Lover – New New year 2019 countdown has started. New year means a fresh and new day of a new year. If you are searching Cool Happy New year wishes for girlfriend, New year wishes for wife, New year wishes for lover and New year wishes for boyfriend 2019 so here we are giving it to you. New year is celebrated every year on 1st jan according to julian calendar. In different region it is celebrated in different different time calendar but now it is celebrated on 1st jan by youngster. Meaning of new year for every person is different some people worship and take church services so some people take it as peace and calm and other people are in high voltage. New year celebration begins from 31st December. People used to go nightclub and party where they have delicious and oily food with alcoholic drinks, cocktail, mocktail they keep enjoying by dancing,singing till late night. Those who do not go to party they keep enjoying at their home with their family where they have snacks ,food and drinks they keep enjoying by watching special tv show which only telecast for new year eve. When clock makes 12 they go on wishing each other. Share these New Year Wishes For Lover on social sites.

happy new year 2019 wishes for love happy new year my love romantic new year wishes for love

Romantic New Year Wishes For Lover

  • I can’t wait to make my New Year’s resolution. After all, last year’s came true — you’re here with me! Happy New Year honey. ~ New Year Wishes For Lover
  • Let us light this candle and pray that our relationship will grow stronger with Christ as our center. Let us celebrate New Year!
  • I am so lucky to be your girlfriend. Your warmth and compassion show through in everything you do. Happy hopeful and bountiful New Year to you. ~ New Year Wishes For Lover
  • It is better to celebrate New Year simply with the person you love than celebrate it extravagantly with the person you do not love. I am happy to be with you!
  • You are the yin to my yang. We complete each other. Happy New Year to the person who brings out the best in me.
  • You are God’s gift to me. In fact, you are the favorite among the many gifts I had. I am grateful that you are still with me as we welcome the New Year to come.
  • The time of our life is about to begin. Dear husband, I honor your love. Let us step lightly into 2019 together.
  • Let us forget the troubles of the past year and just learn from the lessons it taught us. Now that we are stronger to face another year, may we continue to live the promise of love we have for each other.
  • Get ready for the best New Year ever. We’re going to party at the top of the world. At least, it will feel that way with you.
  • Starting this day, I will no longer be the same person
  • that you’ve been with during the past years.
  • I promise to change for the better
  • so that I can let you feel loved more and more each day of this New Year!
  • I can’t wait for the moment I see you on New Year’s Eve. I have something special to tell you.
  • Let’s send all our friends New Year’s messages together this year. I love you. I can’t wait to see you.

romantic new year wishes my love

Happy New Year Wishes For Girlfriend

Happy New Year Wishes For Girlfriend

  • May our love give us the strength to overcome each and every darkness, and make beautiful beginnings in unison this New Year.
  • You brought hope and happiness to my empty life. I hope your New Year is as special as special as you are.
  • On the New Year ’s Day, I wish that we may walk all the paths of life hand in hand giving strength to each other.
  • Your smile is the brightest star in the sky tonight. I am fortunate to be spending New Year’s Eve with you as we contemplate our future together.
  • No winter wind can keep away warmth from filling up my heart as I look forward to start a brand New Year with you as my love.
  • In my mind, I am seeing that glorious smile on your beautiful face as you welcome the New Year with your family. Happy New Year to all.
  • My New Year will be brighter and happier since you hold the key to my heart, and I know you’d always handle your belonging with care.
  • You have taught me the value of making someone smile and the special feeling one gets by standing beside someone special. Happy New Year!
  • My heart belongs to you my dear. This New Year I promise to be the better person that is worthy of your love.
  • My heart is all yours this New year’s Eve. Treasure it as only a true love can. Happy New Year, my love.
  • Today, I promise to love you more. I will shower you with so much passion and care. Happy New Year!
  • I may be tough, but my heart is as fragile as the morning dewdrops on a winter morning. My happiness lies in being with you. Happy New Year.
  • I love to celebrate this day with you. I hope to spend more time with you so that I can let you feel loved.
  • This year, my new year’s resolutions are: To love you better, To care for you more, To make our relationship longer. I Love you!
  • It feels good to celebrate this wonderful holiday with the most wonderful girlfriend in the world. Happy New Year!

Adorable New Year Wishes For Boyfriend

Adorable New Year Wishes For Boyfriend

  • New Year gives us a chance to renew our love for each other. We may have been through a lot during the past year, but still we remained together. I hope that this
  • You have given me everything in 2019 to see me happy and smiling and I know 2019 will become more beautiful and joyous with you on my side.
  • year, we will live each day one day at a time with less worry but with so much happiness. Happy New Year!
  • As we step into another year, my love has become much stronger for you and it is this passion that has given new meaning to my life. Thanks for making wonderful memories in 2018 and being there by my side in 2019.
  • New Year means you’ve grown another year old with me. It is a nice feeling. Happy New Year!
  • You filled up the chapters of life in 2018 with pages of love and hope you continue doing the same in 2019.
  • As we make merry to welcome New Year, I propose a toast to our love and the beautiful symphony it fills up our life with – Cheers!
  • I love you more today than I did in the years gone by, but not as much as I will in the years ahead. Happy New Year 2019!
  • Let the brand New Year discovers you fresher, happier, healthier, more joyful, more cheerful and more satisfied. Here is wishing you a Happy New Year.
  • Your love has given me the courage to walk the less-traveled paths and to be the person I have always wanted to become.
  • Your friendship is a sweet pear, Through the year; and each New Year.
  • Love can act in strange ways. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it gave me happiness and sometimes brought tears to my eyes but I know it will last till the end of time. Happy New Year!

Beautiful New Year Wishes For Wife

Beautiful New Year Wishes For Wife

  • God could not come down on earth and so he has sent a sweet angel like you to take care of me. Make the coming year more beautiful with your angelic ways, my sweetheart.
  • Every moment I have been down the valley you’ve been my mountain of hope, Strength and courage to face all that comes my way. I appreciate you and Wish you a Happy New year and a prosperous life a head.
  • You have been a constant support and my strength throughout and I know 2019 will only see this support growing and you love exceeding more than the affection you have showered me in the past.
  • Marking the end of the old year entering the day of the New Year, I wish you peace, joy and success my dear wife.
  • As we enter into another year, there will be a change in the calendar but I know despite change, one thing that will always remain constant is your love for me.
  • I want you to know that if we could rewind time these New Year I still would choose you. Happy New year
  • Guide me like the stars when the moon disappears on dark nights and walk with me side by side when others leave my hand. Be there to make my year ahead more beautiful.
  • Indeed God greatly honored me to have handed you over to me. You have always been my strength to keep on and so will you remain to be this New Year.
  • With the change in calendar, there will be new changes, new hopes and new dreams but a dream that will remain unchanged since the time I have seen you will be the wish to spend my entire lifetime with you.
  • Let us welcome this New Year together, celebrate every joy it holds and get through every sadness it has. Blessed New Year My love.
  • Years come and pass but what it takes to make them worthwhile is someone’s unconditional love, wonderful memories and zest offered to live them fully. You have given me all of these and much more in 2017 and I know there will be more to come from you in 2019.
  • It’s my deepest desire, that this New Year becomes the best of all the years you’ve ever lived in all your life. Happy New Year!
  • I could never stop feeling blessed as long as I have you in my life and I know the coming ahead will make me feel all the more lucky with your love on my side.
  • God created the sun for the day, the moon for the night and star for the sky. To my day you are my sun, to my night you are my moon and to my sky you are my star. Happy New Year my sweetheart.
  • As I step into another beautiful year, I know it holds forth abundant opportunities for me to throw away all the pains that you experience, to wipe out your tears, to give you immense happiness and to leave you with smiles all along. I would want to make 2019 a memorable year for you my love.

happy new year wishes for sweetheart

Romantic Happy New Year Wishes For Husband

Romantic Happy New Year Wishes For Husband

  • You will have to look for a message that puts forth your love and affection with the right use of words.
  • Your love made me greedy and now I want you to love me forever.
  • Make your sweet hubby fall in love with you all over again when he sees your sweet New Year wishes at the start of the New Year.
  • Fill up each day of my life with more wonderful memories.
  • You can choose from an extensive collection of New Year wishes for husband. Here are some of the very nice ones for pleasing the “Man” in your life.
  • Make my life the fairy tale that I have always wanted it to be.
  • Hope you continue to make each day of 2019 as bright and happy as you have done in the past. Happy New Year 2019!
  • In this New Year I hope we will start a new chapter in our love life.
  • Sunrise Doesn’t light up my mornings but it is your kiss on my forehead that makes each morning of my life more beautiful. Continue to shower your love and make my days more beautiful in 2019.
  • I wish a New Year that gives me more strength to hold my hands tight. ~ Happy New Year 2019
  • You are and will always be the pillar of my strength…I will never stop looking up to you. Happy New Year 2019!
  • It is 2018 that we came closer and understood each other but I know 2019 will bring in more happiness if you are by my side every moment.
  • Let 2019 the year when people look up to as ideal couples.
  • I would have never known what it is to be like in a world full of joyful turns and happy twists if I would have never been introduced to you. You came into my life and made it more wonderful with your touch. I expect you to fill up my days ahead in 2019 with your love and passion. Come honey make my life the fairytale that I have always wanted it to be!
  • Now that I have you in my life, I know each year will be a happy and a rocking one.
  • Another year comes to an end and I would like to thank you with all my heart for making it a worthwhile ride. Looking forward to another great year with you!
  • May you get all the happiness my dear beautiful Life Partner in the year ahead!
  • Confidence, love and happiness are the three wonderful gifts that you have bestowed on me in the years gone by. Hope you continue offering me these gifts even in 2019 to make the person I want to be my hubby!

Romantic Happy New Year Wishes For Hubby

2019 Happy New Year Wishes For Lover, Girlfriend, Boyfriend

New Year Wishes For Lover – Hope that you all are waiting for new year eagerly and you are also finding Happy New Year 2019 New year wishes for lover, new year quotes for boyfriend, new year greetings for girlfriend. so do not worry about it because here we are presenting it. New year means time for resolution and improve lifestyle and bad habits. New year celebration begins from 31st December they go to night club, late night shows or party where they keep enjoying while dancing and singing they keep enjoying by having delicious food and alcoholic drinks. When clock makes 12 they keep wishing your beloved ones, sweetheart, beau and each other.

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