Happy New Year 2019 Party Ideas: Top 5 Party Ideas To Celebrate New Year 2019

Happy New Year Party Ideas 2019

Happy New Year Party Ideas – Everyone has made preparations to welcome the New Year in their own style. New year means party and a lot of fun and fun. You will celebrate with your friends, family members and your loved ones on New Year’s Eve. If you are thinking of keeping a new year party in the house or in your farmhouse by not celebrating your new year 2019 in the crowd, then we can help you in this. We can help you decide on the theme of the party so that your party is splendid. With this, you can get an opportunity to become famous in the eyes of all.

Happy New Year Party Ideas 2019

Happy New Year Party Ideas 2019

Black Light Party

Punch a room or whole party area with black lights. Take special care to ask your guests to wear light colored clothes or to wear white clothes. Tonic water shines in black light. So serve the tony water ice to guests. Serve the dish made in granulated gram and butter because it will shine in the light.

Last Hurrah Party

 This is the best option for those who can not eat anything for the year or who will drop next year. Make a list of such food by asking your friends. This day give them the freedom to do all that he has not done for a long time. In this theme you can celebrate your own mistakes and happiness throughout the year.

Chinese New Year Party

Well the real Chinese comes in February, not on January 1. But the idea of ​​keeping party on Chinese theme is rocking. In this you can make Chinese-made lanterns, food, cocktails. Ask your guests to have fun with chopsticks to enjoy a little fun here. If you want you can listen to Chinese music too.

Poker Party

To keep a party of this theme, first put green blankets on your table. After that remove poker cards and chips. If you are going to party in this theme then your party will be incomplete without sunglasses. So do not forget to put your best poker face glasses. You can talk to people to wear cowboys and fishing netting dresses. Arrange for this food to be eaten quickly and easily. Guests can keep beer or coke on the table for guests.

Noon Year Party 

Children who are young and can not wake up till late night or if you want to party once before night, this theme is the best. In this you will need craft, mocktails and games. You can create whistles or other things that make noise from the paper. You can give prizes by asking questions related to the events of the year. In this, if you want, you can keep children from writing about them in a jar by asking about their planning for the future.

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