Happy New Year Celebration Around The World – New Year’s Day 2019

Happy New Year Celebration Around The World

Happy New Year Celebration Around The World – First of all, greetings from all the readers of www.inewyearwishes.org, the new year’s best wishes. New Year 2019 brings happiness and happiness to you and your life will be filled with happiness. New Year is welcomed in different parts of the world in different ways. It is customary to eat some of the fruits of the eulogy and then to eat the grapefruit at 12 o’clock. Let’s know that said, how the new year.

2019 Happy New Year Celebration Around The World

Happy New Year Celebration Around The World

108 Bells Ring In Japan

Japanese New Year used to be between 20 January and 19 February but now it is celebrated from 29 December to 3 January. This festival is known as Yaburi here. The main event of this festival is to ring 108 hours of temple bell at 12 o’clock last night. Sending a greeting card is very popular in Japan. Japanese Postal Service makes special arrangements for sharing them on January 1.

Importance Of Fireworks In China

In China, a month before the cleaning of the house and color laceration begins. The red color is important in this festival and the window gates are often dyed with this color. The Chinese people believe that there is a god in every kitchen, that the year of the family reaches the God at the end of the year, and returns to the same family, leaving it in the week and then welcomed it. Fireworks run throughout the week to believe that behind the fireworks, there is a belief that the evil spirits keep away. There is also a custom of wearing new sandals on the new year.

New Year Looks Like Holi in Myanmar

New Year’s celebration in Myanmar is called “Tijan”, which lasts for three days. This festival is celebrated in the middle of April, as in Holi, in India, the tradition of soaking one another in water is the main part of this festival. The only difference is that in this water, there is perfume instead of the color of the water. By placing water in the plastic pichakario, people walk in the roofless carriages and roam on the other with aromatic water.

New Year’s Unique Ritual in Southern America

In South America, on New Year’s Day, the practice of eating brown leaf leaves of black eye Peas and shalgam is customary. Labia seeds are symbols of money and shejam rupees. It is the day of meeting all the members of the family. At the new year, the reading service is organized in the church, in which all the people participate.

Iran has “Nauraj” New Year

Nouroj is the New Year’s celebration in Iran. It is the only Muslim festival that has no connection with Muhammad Sahib. The celebration of the new year lasts for 12 days, fifteen days before the festival, wheat grains are sown on the day of the night, on the day of the night, sitting around the table, these buds are filled with water in a pot. On the table, a flag, a flag, a candle and a roti are kept, which the Iranian people consider to be auspicious.

Unique sight on Sydney Bridge in Australia

Every citizen’s desire in Australia is to celebrate the New Year celebration on the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Sydney, it is not possible for everyone, but the people around it come to see that there is fireworks in the main event everywhere The sun starts after turning and reaching midnight, its color increases. There is also fireworks on the water, which is made by looking at gifts and sweets, all give a new year greetings to each other. On this day, on December 31, at four o’clock in the middle of the night, four bells are played in the church, after which a new year is celebrated. Is there.

In Spain 12 Grapes Eating At 12 o’clock

In Spain, after 12 o’clock in the night, there is a tradition of eating a dozen fresh grapes. The people believe that by doing this, they are healthy throughout the year, celebrated on the New Year 31st December, everybody with their own grapes 12 Waiting to play, as soon as it is 12 o’clock in the night, this special practice is followed with the hour of the clock and this practice is practiced in almost every house.

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